Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning allows clients a platform to dive deep into all aspects of their financial lives.  This process offers clients the best opportunity to understand not only their goals, but any risks that may defray them from obtaining their goals.  We employ a 7-step process when engaging clients in financial planning.  

  1. We take the time to understand the client's personal and financial circumstances.
  2. We identify and select a clients' personal and financial goals. 
  3. We analyze the clients' actions that have been implemented currently. 
  4. We develop recommendations and alternative courses of action.
  5. We present the planning recommendations to the client.
  6. We develop a timeframe to implement the recommendations.
  7. We monitor and update the plan as needed.

Comprehensive financial planning helps clients by developing a roadmap of their financial future.  Like any map, you can track you progress over time.  By monitoring and updating your plan over time, you can feel more confident about reaching your destination as planned.